What you can find in the backend on PointOS

Checking reports

As a manager or owner of a restaurant you are required to analyze and keep track of a lot of information to keep your business successful. The back-office is your one-stop shop for viewing your business’s performance in great detail. Here you will see how your business is operating by tracking sales, managing inventory, overseeing your staff and much more.

Let us help you save your time by showing you some of the main features PointOS offers in the backend below:


Help keep your finances in order by pulling reports- whether its in real time, or back dated you can find what you need.

  • Open & closing reports
  • Sales reports
    • View sales statistics by till, item or transaction
  • Financial reports
    • Accounting
    • Statistics (i.e by sales, period, rebate cancellation, payment method, product or employee)
    • Export reports direct to excel
    • Auto-emailing of reports
  • Tax reports
  • Payroll reports


Help manage the interaction with your current and potential customers

  • Compiling of customer contacts
  • Send customer newsletter
  • Consumption and tracking of customer transactions
  • Import/export client file
  • Loyalty card management


Management should be able to give users the right access and change things when needed

  • Set up staff with right security and access settings
  • Manage employee scheduling & hours
  • Ease of changing employee rates and hours
  • Employee emails
  • Employee discounts


Stock is money, so you need to make sure your intake and output aren’t costing you money

  • Integrated stock keeping
  • Real-time visibility of your stock
  • Ingredient based calculations
  • Inventory shopping lists
  • Notifications of low stock
  • Par inventory recommendations

Above are just some of the easy-to-use features a PointOS can offer you to help you manage your business better. What are you waiting for?

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Quick service pos with PointOS

It’s safe to say that if you’re a quick service restaurant everything involved with your business should be fast paced. Constantly seeking ways to increase the volume of your transactions, gain more customers, operate efficiently and reduce wastage will be at the top of your list. However, you can face challenges with the quality of your service when trying to increase speed. PointOS can help you to maintain your quality service while operating at an effective speed.

Listed below are ways in which PointOS can help your quick service restaurant function more efficiently:


You can speed up your service offerings and bring in more orders by utilizing the below:

Self Services Kiosks

For those customers who are constantly on the go , offer them an option to beat the lines and place orders from self service kiosks at tables or order counters.

Take on the traffic with tablets

Staff can use tablets to tackle long lines by going to the customer to place orders.

Online ordering

Enable online ordering so your customers can place orders from where ever they are and even schedule when to pick up.

Digital menus

Link your menu offerings to an onscreen menu board enabling changes of menu items with a few clicks of some buttons, no more constant re-prints, wrong menu options and paper wastage.

Delivery management

Accept online orders as well as tracking and managing every order in real time from your POS. Driver monitoring and delivery time estimations can help seamlessly manage your food deliveries straight to your customers doors.


Operate more efficiently when utilizing the easy to use PointOS interfaces with out compromising your customer service

Fluid payment processing

Keep your customers happy by cashing them out quickly with predictive quick cash buttons that can predict tender amounts, or take mobile payments like ApplePay, or quick tap payment options.

Decrease errors

Quick cancelling buttons or order void options can send straight to the kitchen when linking with a KDS. Your customers can also utilize these options when placing there own orders, and add comments.  This will help to minimize the risk of things getting lost in translation and orders being placed incorrectly.

Reduce Wastage

Inventory and ingredient tracking and re-ordering prompts will help you keep on-top of your stock

Check us out online to see all the benefits PointOS has to offer.  With so many POS systems out there we hope PointOS can offer you the right factors for running your quick service restaurant.

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Why is PointOS point of sale for your restaurant?

PointOS is a powerfully efficient, highly intuitive point-of-sale system designed by hospitality professionals to make organization and payment processing easy for managers and employees alike. Its unprecedented ease of installation and use eliminates the need for extensive training or costly setup, while its battle tested, high performance features make it ideal for critical day- to-day operations.

Some notable features include both simple and advanced order entry options, customer management and order maintenance (including sales tracking and incident reports), timed pricing, and even music integration. Many options and features are cleverly interlocked within a simple to understand design that allows anyone to use it.


PointOS offers many security features for both employees and managers, including four- digit access codes and security card options. Despite its ergonomic design, PointOS is also completely secure and reliable.


Order tracking and delivery mapping has never been easier. Using integrated maps, you can determine any location and even find delivery instructions. Delivery orders are even specially marked with a designated icon.


Tax reports and sales receipts, along with careful inventory records can all be stored in our system. With our convenient inventory system, you spend less time punching numbers and you can spend more time taking care of your business and customers.


Employee email and messaging systems are additional features, connected online and to recorded schedules. Employees can be easily notified of important events or notices at the touch of a button.


The customer and tab tracking allows to create custom profiles for each specific customer. This allows the employees to properly and easily identify with certain customers, like regulars that deserve extra attention or special treatment.


PointOS utilizes Cloud Memory technology, meaning you won’t lose important information and it’s all backed up for your convenience.


The Manager’s Dashboard is a unique and specific feature specifically for essential information and common features.

There are multiple comprehensive and simple ways to learn how the system works as well. Check out our many demonstration videos and our customer testimonials to see how much people are loving the system and how it can work for you. The free trial allows you to have a hands-on learning experience with the software that feels rewarding and, more importantly, provides a clear system that allows you to save money.

PointOS is designed to fit a business of any size, from one computer to several network stations. It’s also meant to be easily used by anyone on staff: servers, wait staff, and bartenders.

PointOS can work on any Windows-based computer. We recommend a touch screen, receipt printer, cash drawer, and card processor for integrated card processing. All of those accessories can be purchased on the PointOS site.

These and many more options are available at the touch of a finger. All with an eye-catching and practical visual design made with the user in mind. Compare our offered features with our competitors. Try PointOS systems today for a thirty day free trial of our software.

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4 ways your ordering and checkout processing is improved with POS

In the restaurant industry, good service can determine whether your business is a success.  Seamless ordering and checkout processes are both key experiences for the consumer.  When customers are disappointed from bad service it can be reflected in there reviews, recommendations and future visits to your establishment. The service your restaurant offers and the ability to execute it effectively is the main point they will take away with them.

Give your staff the tools to do their job with a point of sale system that handles ordering and checkout experiences smoothly. So here are some tips on how to do just that.

1. Living in the cloud

There are many benefits to switching to cloud based POS . It will allow for your business to run remotely from a tablet on the table or a mobile device in your waitstaffs hands. This means bringing quicker ordering and payment processing to your customers. Now guests don’t need to wave goodbye as there credit card walks around the corner to the terminal.

Save paper and send reciepts via e-mail or text. This also enables you to customize your message with your logo and a personalized message.

2. Integration is key

Improve the checkout experience from a payments point of view by using a payment processor that integrates with your current point of sale system (or the one you’re planning on switching to). When you use integrated payments, sales flow directly from your POS to your card reader — meaning checkout is both faster and more secure. These two attributes are huge benefits to your customers, and they can even help you build a base of loyal, repeat clientele.

Integration also eliminates manual entries and allows access to your store data and accept payments all in one place, centralizing your operations and minimizing efficiencies that can cost you money. In other words, integrated payments are good for both you and your customers.

3. Split the bill please

With easy drag and drop menu items your POS makes it easy to split checks or move individual menu items across a number of guests. Do your customers want to split the check in half? No problem. Did you put something on a bill by mistake and the manager is too busy to take it off? Well drag it over and deal with it later. Your customers most likely don’t feel like waiting!

4. Turn payments into Loyalty

Gone are the days of asking your customers to handwrite there e-mail addresses or you manually typing them in. Customers can easily sign up at the end of there transaction. This is great for marketing as it increases your e-mail lists, and will sync all their past buying history so you can market to them appropriately. Get personal and send them deals that matter.

There are several ways to increase efficiency of processing orders and checkout at your restaurant. Finding out what works for you is knowing your customer base, what matters to them and bettering their experiences. So whether its having a POS at a table or using a smart phone app don’t be afraid to experiment with what new technology has to offer to smooth the operation.

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Improve efficiency with POS

Your point-of-sale system is the central nervous system of your business. It is your key communicator between FOH, BOH and the consumer.  A POS is critical to managing stock, tracking orders, recording customer details, logging hours and numerous other activities that enhance customer service and boost employee performance. Because of this, it is imperative that it is functioning properly. A slow POS can lead to incorrect ordering and delayed services which will result in unsatisfied customers and cut into your bottom line.  Hence, just as an incompetent system slows you down, a precise system will boost your efficiency and increase revenues.

In this digital day and age, the need for working faster and more efficiently as accelerated.  With that said, technology needs to keep up so your POS needs to work faster and be more durable.

So lets take a look at some ways that PointOS can help increase your efficiency.

The need for speed

Instead of writing orders down, or trying to remember what was ordered, you can place your orders at your table with handheld devices. This enables orders to be sent instantly to the kitchen or the bar as soon as its ordered. This also helps managers to monitor ordering and delivery times on the system more accurately.

Employee monitoring

Create and monitor your employee schedules, and time clock using biometric log ins as well as keep track of holidays. You can also easily measure hours worked and identify weak areas in an employees sales or performance which can then be improved

Whats on the menu?

A  point of sale provides you with a informative reports on menu items to show what has been the most and least profitable items for your restaurant. This in return gives you the key to promote the top selling items and boost your sales. When using the inventory section of a POS correctly, the system will also track and deduct from every order made to keep you on top of whats left and when you need to re-order before its sold out.

Report cards

You can easily pull all operational reports off the system to give you a holistic view of the status of your restaurant. Analyzing these reports accurately will help familiarize you with what is going on both operationally and financially and establish which areas need some special attention.

When it comes to getting a system that works for you we have got you covered. PointOS XE will be launching soon with new features to help boost your restaurants efficiency so stay tuned!

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Expanding your business with private parties

Looking for new ways to fill your space in it’s down time? Private events will help keep your business relevant. This can help support your business during seasonal lows and open new opportunities to generate extra revenue.

We’re here to help you get started with some ideas and tips below.

Kill two birds with one stone

The more features your venue hosts, the more money in your pocket. You can create a one stop shop by offering staff, food and booze taking the hassle of planning off your clients hands.   The more you can provide the easier for your client. Maybe you also have in-house security? A stage for live music? All these are added benefits customers look for when booking there exclusive event.

Have all your ducks in a row

There are a number of things clients look for when booking private events. A unique vibe and location are key, but so is creating a smooth, easy guest experience. Utilize your resources and you can offer other services from your contacts like live music.

History repeats itself

Costing for your events can be easier then you think. Especially when you already utilize a POS (point of sale system) which can generate costing reports for you. Analyze the reports for labor, food costs, floor costs, & production costs. Don’t forget to look at what it costs just to open your doors with other utility costings as wells. With all of that create minimums based on time of year, time of day, day of week, and that’s a start. Obviously a Saturday event will cost more then lets say Monday.

The unpredictable

Lets be honest, there’s always issues— guests arriving early, timeline delays, etc. Just make sure you’re well prepared. Run through timelines and have a plan B. No crisis can’t be resolved. The guest experience is the most important and should always feel seamless. These positive experiences will bring new customers in, and new potential events.

Don’t discriminate

Be open minded when taking events. Hosting everything from corporate parties & conferences to after parties and concerts or even weddings all brings new customers in your door. Creating unique experiences for all these types of events will keep your business name on the tip of everyones tongue.

Last but not least

If your just starting out, marketing will be important to generating new leads. Make sure to use your existing channels by posting on social media and newsletter e-mails. Create catchy content that explains why your venue you should be chosen and maybe even host an event of your own to showcase what you can do.

Now get to it and bring out your inner party planner!

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Get back on track by updating your budget

How can you measure the success of your restaurant? While a vibrant atmosphere, full house, and full tummies helps to gage that your business is thriving it doesn’t indicate the financial status of the business-which only your budget can assess.

The job of a budget is to help you guesstimate the money required to run the various departments of the business.  It helps you anticipate costs, and set financial boundaries. Below are some strategies you can implement to get back on track.

Evaluate your current situation

Pull all your numbers together from past years including your original business plan.

  • Do the numbers match up? If not what did you miss?
  • How accurate were you with your estimations? Did anything cost more or less then you anticipated
  • Did you miss anything? Did you leave out any costs completely?
  • What trends do you see with your spending? Where are you over spending, what is it on, what’s selling and when?

Plan your new budget

Utilizing the above data, it’s now time to re-evaluate your situation and create a more realistic budget based off your real numbers as well as situations beyond your control like food cost increases.


Your current sales tell you about the profitability of your restaurant, so it is a necessity to include in your budget. Be sure to compare your current sales with previous sales to spot key trends.

2. Overheads and incidentals

These costs vary from month to month so can be difficult to plan for.  They are all the expenses that go over and above your fixed costs. Just plan based on the average costs which you can generate over time.

3.Controllable income

These are costs that can be influenced or regulated by your manager, hence things that can be controlled, such as wages and food costs. A well-run establishment has a consistent, controllable income.

4.Net income

The money that’s left after all your expenses are paid.  Make sure you look at your net income over various months, as it will help indicate your longer term financial stats.

Follow through

Put a system in place that helps you stay on budget.  Review how you are doing over time and make sure your keeping to it.  You can rely on your POS software to help guide you.  If number crunching doesn’t come naturally to you, check out some apps, get a book keeper or an accountant to help you stay on track.


Like anything your budget isn’t final, there are so many variables that you will need to change or adapt depending on the progression of your restaurant.  Generating regular reports on the status of your finances will help keep you abreast of your situation.  PointOS can help you whether its labor reports, menu sales or monthly profit and loss analysis.  Analyzing the data from these reports is the groundwork needed to make budget adjustments.

Keeping your budget up to date can help take off a lot of stress and leave you open to focus on other important aspects of your business, so get going!

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Get in the kitchen with POS

Many restaurant owners switch to POS systems for the benefits of the front of house operations, but did you know it can also help out in the back of house solutions in the kitchen? The combination of intuitive software and back of house hardware has helped many a restaurant rid itself of the tedious (and often confusing) manual ordering systems.  Some POS systems can come integrated with a kitchen display system (KDS) that will improve staff efficiency and customer service all while reducing waste and increasing your bottom line.

It’s important to remember that a KDS doesn’t replace printers in the kitchen, it optimizes the back of house process in conjunction with the printers.  Just like POS the kitchen is equipped with a display screen or ipad that manages the meal execution process from ordering to delivering of the meal.  Instead of the printer which dictates the order, the dsiplay screens help keep an overall tracking of the time a table sits til the time they leave and all that happens in between.

So lets talk about the advantages the POS with KDS feature can offer your restaurant.


Some chefs and kitchen staff can seem unapproachable, especially when its slammed.  KDS simplfies communication between the kitchen and the wait staff. Wait staff can easily punch there orders in and it goes directly to the kitchen.  No more handwritten slips full off mistakes that cut into your bottom line and create an unhappy experience for your customer.

Prep kitchen bonus

Prep kitchen couldn’t get easier.  Your able to save recipes, and imagery of the end product so food preparers can deliver the finished product how it should be, saving you time and money.

Analyze that

With the push of some buttons you can analyze things like:

  1. How long it takes the kitchen to respond and turnover certain menu items
  2. Team productivity; which kitchen staff turns out the most quantity, but making sure it’s the right quality
  3. Food usage, inventory and reminders when your running low
  4. Items returned to kitchen and the reasons

All this information can help you create the best menu for your customers while having the write staff on board.

Time management

Timing is everything. Make sure you get your hot food out hot and your cold food out cold.  Order timing can help manage this for you, specifically during the big rush.  You can look at different orders and create priority lists for kitchen staff to show them when to start each order.

Getting food on time

With digital screens POS systems allow managers and employees to monitor check times and deliver food promptly to customers.

So remember a restaurant is only as good as the back of house performance. So help your team stay ahead and switch to a POS with KDS abilities.

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Valentine’s Day: Romance in the Restaurant

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, your next opportunity to cash in on consumer spending is almost here.  Nearly 82% of consumers say they would prefer an experience over a gift, so it’s your time to shine by creating the ultimate dining experience.

How can you be sure to have a full house on Valentines Day?


By promoting your evening well in advance, you will have a better chance of a full house.  Use your social media pages to spread the word of what your doing for this special evening, but be sure not to spoil all your secrets.


Remember a way to his or heart is through the stomach.  These love-struck tummies need to be filled with food that’s more mouth-watering then your competitors.  Surprise your customers with two offerings themed love or lust to really play into the holiday.


Ambience is everything so make sure there is something for all the senses. Set the mood with the right music, please the eyes with romantic lighting and floral arrangements, tastes of champagne, and the smells of delicious foods all spreading through the room will all lead to a satisfying touch at the end of the evening.


  • You can offer free meals, drinks or something extra special to the customers who like, tweet or follow your page.
  • Tell your loyal customers for every referral based booking they get a free drink!
  • Offer free Valentine’s dessert drink or appetizer to the first 10 table bookings


Valentine’s Day is sure to be extra special when you have a point of sale system working hard behind the scenes. PointOS is a one-stop shop offering you the best ways to streamline your operations for the perfect night without a glitch.   Whether you’re looking for optimal seating arrangements, best-selling menu items, or credit card sales PointOS has you covered.

Now that your ready for the day of love, get planning!

Feel free to leave us some of your ideas below.

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The key to turning tables: 7 tips for higher turnover

When you own a busy restaurant, faster table turnover means higher revenue, so you want to seat as many parties per seating as possible.  Getting your tables in and out can sometimes be difficult to master.  The trick is to get those tables turned faster without being inhospitable; nobody likes being pushed out the door after enjoying there meal and spending money.  So, because your customers are the backbone of your business, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction must be your number one priority.

Here are some helpful tips for you when planning how to increase table turnover.

Meet & greet 

Make sure your waiters put some pep in their step and are paying attention to their tables. They should be greeting tables within one minute of them being seated.  Usually getting to a table faster to take a customer’s order is better than rushing them to leave.   If they order their food within 10 minutes of seating, and you can get them their meal within 20 minutes you’re right on schedule.

Incomplete tables don’t sit down

Service and guest experience are always first and foremost, so if you don’t have a wait feel free to seat incomplete parties, but if your slammed it’s totally acceptable to say they have to wait for everyone. Clearly if everyone hasn’t arrived yet, they won’t be ordering anytime soon.

Loud noise is good noise

Ever been to a restaurant that is so boisterous and loud you can’t hear yourself think? Well it turns out these not-so-good vibrations might be on purpose. Studies show people drink more, eat faster and leave sooner when the bass is thumping, so restaurants are bringing on the noise.

Give them a reason to move

What if you have table campers and the waiting list is so long you don’t know how you are going to seat everyone before the evening is through? Well offer them a free drink at the bar to move their bums.  You can politely say “While I would love to have you stay here at my table all night, there are lots of other people waiting to enjoy a meal just like you.  Can I buy you a round at the bar to continue your evening?”

Dropping the check

Dropping a check before your customers are finished eating can be iffy. You don’t want them to feel rushed.  It’s important for your waiters to pay attention to what phase of the meal they are in.   I used to hate having customers ask for the check, so if I saw they were done eating I had the check printed and would ask “Can I get you anything else?”.  Most of the times they said no, and I saved my self some time by having the bill already with me.  On the flip side if they asked for desert, well then I put the order through and brought the check along with desert.

New Technology

The world we live in is constantly changing when it comes to new technologies. Gone are the times when your staff had to go to a stationary POS system to submit orders and finalize payments. Now restaurants have the option of using mobile pay stations and tableside tablets for easy ordering and payment processing. If you own a casual restaurant, most likely your POS can help get you the right electronic equipment to help drastically increase efficiency by allowing servers to focus on other tasks.

Seating Software

To follow the above, when it comes to technology there is little left out to help support productivity for your restaurant. If your hostess is still manually assigning tables, and writing on a seating chart you most likely aren’t seating guests with maximum efficiency. If your restaurant is busy, all it takes to slow down the whole night is seating a two top at a four top.  So it’s time to try using a software linked to your POS to your restaurants layout with seating charts that benefit in creating seating assignments based on your reservations and waitlist. Ultimately more efficiency leads to more business.  Not to mention these programs can send your guests a message to their mobile devices letting them know their table is ready.

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