How to gain customer feedback for your restaurant

As a business owner you need to check in with your customers on how your doing even if it’s not always good news. Good or bad all feedback is an important part of your success. So don’t fret the small stuff. Customers love to be heard, so let them share there thoughts, comments and concerns to help you make your business better while building a relationships with your customer. If they leave positive feedback online this will ofcourse help build your reputation and establish your restaurant locally and beyond.

With a world of answers literally at our fingertips it’s become part of the norm for customers to check out your establishment online before making there decision.

Most customers will check out a restaurant online when making a decision on where to dine. They will look at reviews and comments and this will leverage there decision on whether your place is a yay or a nay.

Getting customers to leave a review isn’t easy. So coming up with a strategy to keep your customers communication open and positive is crucial to your success of your business.

Let us show you 5 ways on how you can you encourage your customers to leave feedback.

1. Use your point-of-sale

Technology is the easiest way you can get direct feedback from your customers. Make sure you invest in a POS system that can gain valuable data on your customers experience. This data will be recorded and is trackable so you can review current and past comments. You will be able to tell if your food was cold, or if your servers need some extra training tips. This personalized info is important for your business.

With PointOS you can prompt guests at check out, or prompt your server to get guest feedback , add the comments section to your receipt or ask for there emails so a manager can check in and get more detailed feedback. This direct mode of contact will help you get real feedback, and help you get in-touch with the customer should they have had a negative experience. Always remember the comments and reviews are an open conversation. It’s important to speak to your customers whether there experience was good or bad so they know you are listening.

2.Add feedback surveys into your WiFi Network

Cafes, bars and hotels are now choosing to provide free wifi to attract more customers to their locations. This is great for customers, but presents opportunities for you to gain great insights on your customers.

Simply prompt your customers to create a free account with unlimited wifi access after they hand over there contact info and answer some survey questions. It’s a fair way to trade WiFi for feedback.

3.Offer incentives for feedback

We get it your customers are busy, and having them answer a survey will take time out of there schedule. Make sure your surveys are worth there time by offering them a reward for the completion. This will make a simple task highly effective. Offering them a free meal, or a gift card to a non-competitive spot will help.

4.Turn their compliments into reviews

Capitalize on what you have. If you receive positive feedback in person, ask your guest if they are willing to share their positive feedback online. Try and be slick, and don’t act to desperate.

“We are so happy you enjoyed yourself. Thank you for the positive feedback. Could you write us a review on our Yelp page if you don’t mind? We’re trying to reach new customers, and reviews help our ranking a lot” sounds a lot better than “Thank, but can you write a review on Yelp?”

5.Reuse & Recycle existing feedback

Scour over the web and find comments and feedback about your restaurant. If your restaurant has seen any customers then it’s bound to have reviews on sites like Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor , Google etc. You will need to make your profiles active on these review sites so your customers know where to leave the feedback. Once it’s on there its yours to use.

Remember all feedback is good feedback. Just keep the line of communication open and the customers will keep flowing.

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5 tips for up-selling in your Restaurant

Up-selling is when you offer customers the opportunity to purchase additional items to benefit, enhance, supplement or otherwise improve upon their current purchase. The easiest person to sell something to is the one who is already at your door and ready to pay you money.  It’s an important and effective way to increase your profits within your restaurant. However, you don’t want to lose customers by pestering them with multiple attempts at increasing there bill. You will need to make sure your staff are trained to pull this off. .

Up-selling is your “every little bit counts” strategy, in that every up-sell leads to a small increase in the price of a meal. Think about the phrase “would you like fries with that?” This is a classic example of up-selling — a sales technique used to sell additional goods or services to existing customers.

Let us show you some tips and tricks of the trade below:

1. Know which menu items have the highest profit margins

When informing your staff about up-selling, make sure to suggest items that have the best profit margins. This will ensure that you are increasing your profits to the maximum potential.  All this info is readily available to you  when using PointOS point of sale system at your restaurant. You can share all the right stats to will help your employees sell the items that have the best profit margins. For example, if a customer is deciding on which wine to purchase, the server can suggest the wine with a high profit margin and give a short description of why it’s a good wine to purchase.

Ofcourse your staff should never say you are suggesting this wine because of the profit margins, as this would be a complete turn-off for customers. Make sure to give your staff informative descriptions of the flavour or enjoyment that the customer would get from purchasing your suggested menu item. Remember the item with the biggest profit margin isn’t always the most expensive item on the list.

2. Offer all the add-ons

When a customer orders a specific menu item, the server can offer a variety of extras that could accompany the meal that the customer has asked for. Offering extras to customers is a good way to increase the cost of the meal that the customer wishes to purchase.

For example, with a burger the server can suggest to add bacon or cheese, with meat dishes the server can suggest adding sauces or extra sides. When using PointOS your staff can easily add these extras to the bill.

A customer is more likely to add an extra when you dangle it in front of there face thereby increasing the amount that the customer is paying for their meal.  Make it personal and tell them how much you love the dish they are ordering will be so much better with the add-on. This is a simple way that servers can help to upsell without sounding too annoying to the customer.

3. Be suggestive

If you are too general by simply asking if the customer wants drinks or dessert, it makes it way easier for the customer to refuse, therefore losing the restaurant the increased profits that come from up-selling.

Your waitstaff will be more effective by suggesting specific items when they are recommending courses that the customer has not already ordered. For example, when asking if the customer would like a drink order, the server should suggest a specific drink that they think the customer would like. You can create menu shapes with text captions that catch your staffs eye using your point of sale system. Highlighting these products will remind your staff to suggestively sell.

4. Stop pestering

There is a fine line between effective up-selling techniques and completely annoying the customers. Your staff need to know the difference because you do not want to annoy your customers to the point where it leaves a bad taste in there mouth and they leave you a horrible review and never want to come back to your restaurant.

Customers come to dinner to have personal time, they don’t want some stranger constantly bombarding them with suggestions and attempts to sell them something. Training your servers on how and when to make suggestions is so important.

Keep it natural-this is the most important part. By inserting up-selling techniques naturally into the conversations with customers they won’t even realize your trying to make more money out of them. Remember servers have the incentive to increase the bill and to be personable as this will increase there tip. It’s a win win.

5. Reward your staff

Everyone loves incentives. Give your staff an exciting contest atmosphere with a weekly prize for the highest achiever. Whoever keeps your upselling efforts front-and-center in the restaurant can win a prize whether its extra cash or a paid days leave.

If you are using a point of sale system you can easily track this information by pulling a report on whose bringing in the most profits from up-selling. Your staff will work harder knowing theres something in it for them.

Remind your staff your always watching, and show them appreciation by rewarding them for bringing your business more cash.

Its important to remember that up-selling should be part of your employee training. All servers should know the basics of up-selling, from offering top-shelf liquor to knowing how to give a mouthwatering description of menu items. Up-selling not only increases restaurant sales but it also makes for bigger tips for servers and it shows customers that your staff is knowledgeable as well as friendly.

10 must haves for your restaurants website

Being online with your business has become essential for engaging with current and potential customers.  You need to take advantage of the vast variety of platforms available to market your business on the internet, otherwise you will miss out on revenue generating opportunities. The most important place to start is with your restaurants website. The message you want to put across will come from your website, and ultimately is where you want to drive your customers to from all other platforms.

However your website came to be, we’re here to give you some tips on how to make the most of your website:

1. Visual images

Image is everything. Even with a great website design, if your photos are amateur, your business will look the same. Hire someone who knows what they are doing and can paint the picture of your business with beautiful imagery. Ambiance, food, staff, services & happy customers should all be included on the list. These visual assets will seal the deal when trying to take people from your website to your restaurant.

  2.  A Clear navigation menu

Ease of navigation through your site is also important. When someones trying to find your menu, or where you are located they want it to be easy and not hidden. Think of your own experience when you visit another website. What are the things you’re usually looking for? How do you feel when you can’t easily find it? It’s frustrating, right? That shouldn’t happen when your clients visit your restaurant’s website. Information should be easy to find and well organized, otherwise they’ll leave the website feeling discouraged and frustrated.

  3.  Contact details

When you navigate onto a website for a restaurant you like finding there contact information should be instant. Often even when you google a restaurant you google “Restaurant contact info”. This basic information, like the phone number, address, and email address should be on the front page, either at the header or the footer sometimes both places. Don’t forget to re-include it on your menu tab and include directions to your restaurant. 

  4.  Feedback form

You will be competing against Yelp on this one, but it is still necessary to have a feedback form on your website. This is a good way to invite customer feedback, positive or negative. If you can gather this feedback directly, and make an effort to improve the dining experience, you get an opportunity to make that customer’s next experience all the more special

  5. No PDF menus

Your menu should be clean and crisp in a way that is easy for your customers to access. Using HTML to place your menu on your website is a must. Avoid attaching a PDF menu to your website as it forces your customers to click on an additional link, and won’t allow for easy editing, and overall doesn’t look professional.

  6. Be mobile friendly

For those of you who are not in this century, smartphones and devices with data plans are where its at. Your customers are definitely using their phones and internet to research and check out the local restaurants. Make sure your site is prepared and can format seamlessly from web to phone otherwise they will move onto the next.

7. Customer testimonials

Absolutely nothing is more critical to building confidence and trust than customer testimonials. People like to hear that other people have to say. They need want to know the service was excellent and the food was delicious.

8. Customer sign up form

Customers definitely want what you have to offer—if there is little-to-no risk, and you can deliver what you promise they will be happy to sign up. Just don’t bombard their inboxes with pointless info. Send offers, offer incentives and keep them posted on daily specials. This is the best way to build relationships and engage with your customers.

9.  Online ordering linked to POS

As we’ve mentioned above, its the digital age. People want to click and buy, so make sure when they do you have a POS like PointOS that integrates with your delivery option on your website.

10.  Can I make a reservation

If your restaurant takes reservations, then you’ll want to feature that information clearly on your website. Making reservations through your website needs to be easy to find otherwise you could loose potential customers. Some websites can be made to integrate directly with your platform of choice so make sure to make it a smooth experience for your customers.

In the era of gathering information easily, its not an option for your restaurant to not have a website. It makes it easy for your customers to find all the information they need and allows others interested in your business to research you. Just make sure you have everything it needs to be a success.

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Full Service Point of Sale features on PointOS

Point of Sale (POS) systems are a restaurants best friend, offering so much more than conventional cash registers. While it’s clear that having a POS is beneficial for your business it’s important to understand the key features that a POS system should have and the specific benefits they bring, so you can make an educated decision when choosing your ideal POS.  So, with so many point of sale systems out there so how do you choose?

We’ve listed several features below that our POS can offer a full service restaurant.

Multi-server modes 

Program in an unlimited amount of wait staff over multiple locations.  You can simply mange and move employees as needed. It will handle all level of restaurant operations. Serve your way with customizable options.

New easy modifications and order/split-check functions

Manage orders and check using fast but thoughtful modifier actions such as quickly telling the team “light Mayo” or easily sharing out that nacho plate between 3 guests

BOH controls

Delegate operational control using our battle tested and proven restaurant operation management system. See below for an in depth look and the BOH controls. All included with PointOS

Employee management & scheduling

Create, Post and update in real time anywhere anytime. Sharing is easy so all employees always have access and receive notifications. Lets servers handle coverage with a unique messaging system.

Menu management

Build your menu in minutes online or on location using PointOS. Years of experience have gone simplifying that process. Additional quick edit option – the ability to tweak menu items right in the menu can really speed up your process!

Modifier control

Set up modifications with an easy to use programming that creates a  smooth  work flow that makes sense. Making menu management a simple task and easy for any needed additions.

Inventory & recipe setup

Don’t miss a drop. These days your customers expect the best food. The trouble is those items are costly and weigh down food costs. We can help you count all the ingredients needed for any item. So you can decide what’s the best price to cost that grass feed organic bacon home made pretzel bun burger!

Inventory re-order

Stay up to date on purchasing needs, streamline your inventory with our unique API. Never hassle over inventory. Need special items? You can order on demand with PointOS

Server analytics

Get enterprise level reports and data with analytics, see your best performers, track criteria such as as active upsell. Identify at all times the best people to put on during you most critical shifts.

Dining room layout designer

Customize your floor plan to maximize revenue. Our layout also provides relevant statistics right on the layout. Provide a manger with a snap shot of key info like turn times, table length and last visit

The good news is it doesn’t stop there. Visit our website to see more features on offer.

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PointOS is a system that caters to your business

Is it time to customize your restaurant’s business solutions to help facilitate the processes that work for you and your business.  Let PointOS point of sale software support you in bettering your business practices. Business owners have the flexibility to upgrade software as their businesses grow, with the support of PointOS along the way.


Theres no need to break the bank when going to purchase a POS.  As a small business you too can benefit from the perks of having a POS that caters to your business. That’s why PointOS provides value that is easy on your bottom line by offering a free 30 day trial along with a month-to-month subscription.


Call us with a question, we have skilled technicians available 24/7 to ensure your business has the maximum uptime. You can contact us via telephone or email or via our online chat system 24hrs a day.


With a Windows-based platform PointOS is powerful and easy to use. Its simple installation eliminates the need for training or a costly setup procedure. All its high performance features make it ideal for day to day operations

Data Sharing

Share data using other applications within your company and or to others outside your company. These third parties include:  independent logistics, suppliers, product catalogs, market analysis, and even data exchange between joint-loyalty programs.

Grows With You

No matter what size your business is, your restaurant can benefit from PointOS software. While your business is growing so are we. PointOS is adaptable, and constantly adding updated features to keep inline with competitors. Adopt the features that fit your business model.

Let us grow with you and Schedule a demo now!

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Never forget again with POS Automation

Does your to-do list keep getting longer? As a business owner we know you have a lot on your plate, so sometimes you forget. In this hi-tech world we live in get rid of your pen and paper. Schedule a task, and let your point-of-sale (POS) automation do the rest. Let your POS automate your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks like scheduling reports and emails, issuing vouchers, sending alerts and notifications, inventory reports and staff schedules.

Remember your POS should be working for you. Below are some benefits of using automation.

Receive Real Time Updates

What is in your restaurant’s stock take on alcohol? No need to physically check. Check on-line. Automated systems can help you see what you have in your inventory that’s specific to your query. As items are purchased your inventory updates. It’s the same for your restaurant, as meals are purchased, ingredient inventory is updated.

Streamline Your Ordering

With PointOS, you can connect to your suppliers to automatically re-order stock. An automated POS system can tie purchase orders directly to an order, ensuring that you are invoicing for all of the outside purchases you make.

Manage Your Labor Force

Automate your software to send a manager an alert when labor percentages are getting high. You can even set your system to automatically clock out employees who have forgotten to clock out at the end of the day.

Staff Scheduling

Automated scheduling does something the human scheduling manager doesn’t always consider—not just the numbers of bodies, but also the kinds of bodies you need on the floor.

With restaurant scheduling software, you create shift profiles (ie Night Bar) and employee profiles.

Employee profiles are kind of like filing cabinets for each staff member. The info you can log about an employee includes:

  • Shifts based on skill level (Can work 4 table, but not 5 table section)
  • Departmental Shifts (Can work server and cocktail shifts but not bartender)
  • Availability (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10-4pm, etc.)
  • Time-Off requests (which they can upload in the employee portal)
  • Number of Preferred Shifts (Open availability but only want to work 3 times/week)

Export Data

Send all your reports by email to anyone daily, weekly, or monthly. Do you want daily sales reports and # of products sold sent to you every day after your shop closes? We can make that happen with PointOS automation.

Send Alerts

Send an alert to a manager when there is too much money in the cash drawer. Notify your IT team when a computer is disconnected. There are endless types of automated alerts and notifications that you can schedule for your restaurant.

Why not let PointOS help grow your business. Schedule a demo now!

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Even small restaurant businesses need a Point of Sale System

When starting a small restaurant there are lots of things you need to consider to be successful. So why is it that a lot of new small charming restaurants decide against point of sale systems?

I recently visited a small new restaurant in my neighbourhood and was very impressed from the moment I opened the door. The ambiance was perfect, the tables were full and the design and décor was minimal and refreshing. The space itself mixed calming hues of blush with mint green crockery and mosaic green tiles. The seating was a combination of a few small tables and a beautiful bar. They used a combination of bowls and dishes sourced from Chinese supermarkets with transparent green glassware. The food was devine filled with a small plates menu serving delicious dishes inspired by Asian cuisine. There were no details forgotten, except one-a Point Of Sale.

These small authentic style restaurants are trying to stay in the past, and it is loosing them money.

Let me tell you how the restaurant I visited could use a POS like PointOS to better their business practices below:


Since opening this restaurant has changed their portion sizes and pricing drastically. A POS would help to manage all inventory from start to finish. The inputting of the ingredients along with there costings would calculate the cost per portion size and could help show what they should be selling each dish for to minimize waste and increase profits. Incorrect costing of your food is a huge reason restaurants fail. Not to mention  pissing off repeat customers who may stop coming because of frequent price increases.


The system used was a small paper that listed the different dishes, in which the wait staff would tick and then put to the kitchen. This process was obviously created for quick ordering, but we all know quick doesn’t always mean accurate and this technique leaves a lot of room for mistakes. The slip can get lost, handwriting can be misinterpreted, and of course no time stamps. Utilizing the benefits of a POS would help to eliminate all mistakes listed above. Orders sent through to the kitchen would be done in a timely matter, they would be read accurately and it would be more efficient for both FOH and BOH staff. In fact while I was sitting at this restaurant the couple next to me never received any of there food, and were not attended to. They ended up asking for the bill and leaving. This ended up costing the restaurant money, and in return cut into the profits for the evening. Every small thing adds up.


Wow! I’ve never waited so long to receive a bill. The process they used were like no other I have seen. So, remember how I told you about the slips to the kitchen above? Well after that that slip was given back to the wait staff, who then had to write out a check. It gets better, if the customer needed to keep the check as a receipt , they then had to RE-WRITE the order for the restaurants records. They weren’t even using an order book that utilzed carbon copy. We know time is money so how as business owners did they not? The amount of time the waitstaff is waisitng writing out slips and more slips is costing them money. They could seat more tables, turn them over more quickly, and eliminate ordering errors if they allowed for a POS to manage their ordering, and billing processes.

So in a nutshell, if you don’t have a POS system at your restaurant, no matter your size PointOS can offer you all the above to help your restaurant operate more efficiently while saving money and increasing your profits.

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Use a Point of Sale to keep your customers safe from allergies

Food allergies are a growing health problem around the world. With an increase of the number of people allergic to certain foods, the need increases for restaurants, their staff to become educated about this problem and execute solutions in there operations. A POS like PointOS can offer helpful tools to keep your restaurant from feeding your customers the wrong food.

The most common allergies are as follows:

  • Peanuts
  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Shellfish
  • Soy
  • Tree nuts (almonds,walnuts, hazlenuts, cashews, pistachios)
  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Sesame

Customers expect to receive valid information and find menu choices that will keep them safe. Recommending the best options to your customers with allergies used to be a complicated process that involved negotiations between the chefs and the service staff.  Now you can use your PointOS POS to hold all the information that you need.


For quick points of reference for your wait staff you can use program codes like images,colours or words to differentiate the different allergens at a quick glance. You can even take it further to mark items gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free or peanut-free.


There are definitely customers who will fall out of the above categories and you need to be able to provide them with the right information. If your utilizing your POS for inventory management this should be easy. All your ingredients for each dish can be easily uploaded into PointOS.


Choosing mobile POS equipment allows your service staff to have access to all the information they need immediately. Instead of having to leave your customers to read up on the info they can pass along the information accurately with out mistakes.


Sending notes to the kitchen is also an option should you wish to take it futher. Waitrons can add “Peanut Allergy” to the meal ordered for the person/s allergic.


Even the best POS system can fail, if your staff doesn’t understand the importance of providing full information and sees customers with allergies as a nuisance. A customer in the UK died after his request for a peanut-free meal was ignored. Providing your customers with the right information and treating their dietary requirements seriously can literary be the difference between life and death.

Customers with allergies struggle at lots of establishments. Make your restaurant be one that keeps them coming back. They will feel safe and respected and you can do all this with the help of PointOS.

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