Never forget again with POS Automation

Does your to-do list keep getting longer? As a business owner we know you have a lot on your plate, so sometimes you forget. In this hi-tech world we live in get rid of your pen and paper. Schedule a task, and let your point-of-sale (POS) automation do the rest. Let your POS automate your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks like scheduling reports and emails, issuing vouchers, sending alerts and notifications, inventory reports and staff schedules.

Remember your POS should be working for you. Below are some benefits of using automation.

Receive Real Time Updates

What is in your restaurant’s stock take on alcohol? No need to physically check. Check on-line. Automated systems can help you see what you have in your inventory that’s specific to your query. As items are purchased your inventory updates. It’s the same for your restaurant, as meals are purchased, ingredient inventory is updated.

Streamline Your Ordering

With PointOS, you can connect to your suppliers to automatically re-order stock. An automated POS system can tie purchase orders directly to an order, ensuring that you are invoicing for all of the outside purchases you make.

Manage Your Labor Force

Automate your software to send a manager an alert when labor percentages are getting high. You can even set your system to automatically clock out employees who have forgotten to clock out at the end of the day.

Staff Scheduling

Automated scheduling does something the human scheduling manager doesn’t always consider—not just the numbers of bodies, but also the kinds of bodies you need on the floor.

With restaurant scheduling software, you create shift profiles (ie Night Bar) and employee profiles.

Employee profiles are kind of like filing cabinets for each staff member. The info you can log about an employee includes:

  • Shifts based on skill level (Can work 4 table, but not 5 table section)
  • Departmental Shifts (Can work server and cocktail shifts but not bartender)
  • Availability (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10-4pm, etc.)
  • Time-Off requests (which they can upload in the employee portal)
  • Number of Preferred Shifts (Open availability but only want to work 3 times/week)

Export Data

Send all your reports by email to anyone daily, weekly, or monthly. Do you want daily sales reports and # of products sold sent to you every day after your shop closes? We can make that happen with PointOS automation.

Send Alerts

Send an alert to a manager when there is too much money in the cash drawer. Notify your IT team when a computer is disconnected. There are endless types of automated alerts and notifications that you can schedule for your restaurant.

Why not let PointOS help grow your business. Schedule a demo now!

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Even small restaurant businesses need a Point of Sale System

When starting a small restaurant there are lots of things you need to consider to be successful. So why is it that a lot of new small charming restaurants decide against point of sale systems?

I recently visited a small new restaurant in my neighbourhood and was very impressed from the moment I opened the door. The ambiance was perfect, the tables were full and the design and décor was minimal and refreshing. The space itself mixed calming hues of blush with mint green crockery and mosaic green tiles. The seating was a combination of a few small tables and a beautiful bar. They used a combination of bowls and dishes sourced from Chinese supermarkets with transparent green glassware. The food was devine filled with a small plates menu serving delicious dishes inspired by Asian cuisine. There were no details forgotten, except one-a Point Of Sale.

These small authentic style restaurants are trying to stay in the past, and it is loosing them money.

Let me tell you how the restaurant I visited could use a POS like PointOS to better their business practices below:


Since opening this restaurant has changed their portion sizes and pricing drastically. A POS would help to manage all inventory from start to finish. The inputting of the ingredients along with there costings would calculate the cost per portion size and could help show what they should be selling each dish for to minimize waste and increase profits. Incorrect costing of your food is a huge reason restaurants fail. Not to mention  pissing off repeat customers who may stop coming because of frequent price increases.


The system used was a small paper that listed the different dishes, in which the wait staff would tick and then put to the kitchen. This process was obviously created for quick ordering, but we all know quick doesn’t always mean accurate and this technique leaves a lot of room for mistakes. The slip can get lost, handwriting can be misinterpreted, and of course no time stamps. Utilizing the benefits of a POS would help to eliminate all mistakes listed above. Orders sent through to the kitchen would be done in a timely matter, they would be read accurately and it would be more efficient for both FOH and BOH staff. In fact while I was sitting at this restaurant the couple next to me never received any of there food, and were not attended to. They ended up asking for the bill and leaving. This ended up costing the restaurant money, and in return cut into the profits for the evening. Every small thing adds up.


Wow! I’ve never waited so long to receive a bill. The process they used were like no other I have seen. So, remember how I told you about the slips to the kitchen above? Well after that that slip was given back to the wait staff, who then had to write out a check. It gets better, if the customer needed to keep the check as a receipt , they then had to RE-WRITE the order for the restaurants records. They weren’t even using an order book that utilzed carbon copy. We know time is money so how as business owners did they not? The amount of time the waitstaff is waisitng writing out slips and more slips is costing them money. They could seat more tables, turn them over more quickly, and eliminate ordering errors if they allowed for a POS to manage their ordering, and billing processes.

So in a nutshell, if you don’t have a POS system at your restaurant, no matter your size PointOS can offer you all the above to help your restaurant operate more efficiently while saving money and increasing your profits.

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Use a Point of Sale to keep your customers safe from allergies

Food allergies are a growing health problem around the world. With an increase of the number of people allergic to certain foods, the need increases for restaurants, their staff to become educated about this problem and execute solutions in there operations. A POS like PointOS can offer helpful tools to keep your restaurant from feeding your customers the wrong food.

The most common allergies are as follows:

  • Peanuts
  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Shellfish
  • Soy
  • Tree nuts (almonds,walnuts, hazlenuts, cashews, pistachios)
  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Sesame

Customers expect to receive valid information and find menu choices that will keep them safe. Recommending the best options to your customers with allergies used to be a complicated process that involved negotiations between the chefs and the service staff.  Now you can use your PointOS POS to hold all the information that you need.


For quick points of reference for your wait staff you can use program codes like images,colours or words to differentiate the different allergens at a quick glance. You can even take it further to mark items gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free or peanut-free.


There are definitely customers who will fall out of the above categories and you need to be able to provide them with the right information. If your utilizing your POS for inventory management this should be easy. All your ingredients for each dish can be easily uploaded into PointOS.


Choosing mobile POS equipment allows your service staff to have access to all the information they need immediately. Instead of having to leave your customers to read up on the info they can pass along the information accurately with out mistakes.


Sending notes to the kitchen is also an option should you wish to take it futher. Waitrons can add “Peanut Allergy” to the meal ordered for the person/s allergic.


Even the best POS system can fail, if your staff doesn’t understand the importance of providing full information and sees customers with allergies as a nuisance. A customer in the UK died after his request for a peanut-free meal was ignored. Providing your customers with the right information and treating their dietary requirements seriously can literary be the difference between life and death.

Customers with allergies struggle at lots of establishments. Make your restaurant be one that keeps them coming back. They will feel safe and respected and you can do all this with the help of PointOS.

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