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For years now, Instagram has sat at the center of style in food and beverages. So why is being Instagrammable a new trend? Businesses are recognizing that it’s not just the presentation of their food and drinks that attracts a new breed of customer, but their entire layout and ambiance too.  So, when it comes to interior design, restaurants are courting a new breed of customer; The Instagrammer.  Social media is putting pressure on owners and designers to think more about the surroundings of their space, focusing on what’s visually appealing and stimulating so it can appear on countless numbers of Instagram feeds.  Everything from food presentations to locations and views; smaller features like wall hangings and floorboards to disposable cups; wallpaper to lighting fixtures. There is no detail is too small. Social media content is an extension of the business’s physical space.  People can get a feel for what your restaurant is like from seeing your posts, and also from your customers’ posts about your place.

So we’ve put together some ideas on how you can make your restaurant Instagrammable, with hopes of inspiring the maximum number of photo exposure.

First, you need to make sure your space is attractive.  Before the era of social media, design would be focused on the spaces effect on its occupants, and how it looked in photos was possibly a secondary concern.  These days, that secondary concern should be the main focus. Put time and effort into making your space look like somewhere special, unique and most importantly, photo-worthy.  This LA restaurant, Herringbone, doesn’t lack on detail, and has a rustic greenhouse feel. Remember: people will come visit because they will want to have that photo for their Instagram.

You must design your space around share-ability, so don’t forget the exterior! Murals are big, bold and can become a key focal point and social media identifier of your space. Take a look how this hot new Mexican restaurant in LA, Tintorera, utilizes their exterior wall to focus on their hashtag #itsamexicanthing, which has more than 16,000 posts.

Lastly, presentation is everything. Lots of restaurants these days have unique items that have customers whipping out their phones to take a pic and share it with their friends. The most Instagrammable restaurant in America at the moment is Sugar Factory in New York City.  Sugar Factory takes the cake when it comes to Instagrammable food and drinks, with a broad range of colorful, and visually stunning items to choose from on its menu.  This real-life Candy Land restaurant uses the “wow” factor to draw in its clientele from all over the world, which includes celebrities like Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom and Pharrell Williams, to name a few.

Social media is the way forward in marketing, but whilst designing or re-designing, do not forget to remain cohesive in your brand identity.  Make sure you align with the aesthetic of your brand and don’t give a misleading image of your restaurant.

Now get going and make your restaurant more Instagrammable!

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The key to a successful business stems from the core.  From big to small, your company growth relies heavily on developing a strong company culture that will attract customers, engage with employees and ultimately enable better decision-making.  Having a strong brand culture with a unique, distinctive ethos will set you apart from the competition.  The building blocks from which your company stems its strategy and operations relies on this culture, and helps turn your dream into a reality.  Not to mention, when you do that something extra special, you are sure to attract attention and draw in more customers.

Look at respected brands like Zappos, Disney, Virgin & Google. They have become well known because of their distinctive cultures.  These companies are all respected for their thriving and sought-after corporate cultures – cultures that customers and employees are falling in love with, which helps to drive business success.

We are going to let you in on a little secret. Here are 5 tips to help you on creating a winning culture.

1.  Learn from the past.

Everyone has a past, and with that past comes good and bad experiences that have taught you lessons.  As a first-time business owner, make sure to examine the corporate cultures of organizations you previously worked for. What worked for you in those cultures? What didn’t? If you’re an experienced entrepreneur, think about the cultures you have already created successfully at previous business. What fostered the success of these?  How can you implement them in your new business?

2.  Aligning your values

Congratulations business owner – you’ve just been put in the driver’s seat, and everyone drives differently.  No one way is better than the other.  So most importantly, you need to marry who you are with what you do. Otherwise, it won’t work.  You are going to be eating, sleeping and breathing your business, so make sure you’re on the same page with it.  Think of being in a relationship with someone who has different values – it doesn’t work.  What makes you, you, and what are your core values?  Are you structured and precise? Are you free and creative? Do you prefer a work hard, play hard mentality? Or are you relaxed and trustworthy, but expect the best from people?   You need to create an environment that suits you, and then cultivate that behavior in your company and promote the people who embody it.  Take time to reflect on who you are, the vibe you want to release, and ultimately, the kind of culture that fits both you and your brand.

3.  Get to know your employees

It is important to engage your culture with your employees.  Making yourself personally accessible to your employees will help keep your company culture strong. Ask them about their lives with genuine interest and active listening. Socialize with them and you’ll have an open, respectful and positive company culture.  In an industry with such high employee turnover rates, restaurants need to do all they can to retain and motivate their staffs. A strong culture is more effective than just free food and other common perks. In many cases it is even more effective than higher pay rates and better benefits. That’s because leaders can use the company culture to connect employees to a higher purpose, and to each other.

4.  Communicate

We get it, being a manager isn’t for everyone.  They can’t and probably shouldn’t be transparent about everything with their employees.   Overall, it benefits managers more if they openly discuss strategies, whether they involve single departments or the whole company. In addition, managers should meet regularly with their employees to discuss their progress, ambitions and talk about how they can improve. This helps employees feel like they’re an important part of organization’s success.  They know what they are doing well, and what they can improve on.

5.  Think outside the box

Did you know that employees at Google can collect “massage credits” which can be cashed in for free massages? It’s definitely financially out of the league for most businesses to offer these types of benefits, but these are the ideas we are talking about. Get creative!

It’s imperative that companies take time to evaluate their workplace cultures and make changes, and, when necessary, to allow those cultures to breath and scale as the company does.  Ever hear the saying “Happy wife happy life?” Well it definitely transfers over to Happy employees, happy business, and happy customers.  Company culture should be a priority focus for restaurateurs. It’s the most effective way to offset the costs and complexities that are constantly increasing in every part of a business—and it’s a powerful way to build a brand.

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Save Time and Money Now!

Keep your sanity, and your money.  We know your bottom line is important to you.   Point of Sale systems were built to save you time and money.  It provides restaurateurs with all of the organizational needs to account for their daily sales transactions; however, most businesses forget to use them to their full potential.  Therefore, we’ve taken the time to remind you of 5 money saving tips to help fatten your pockets.

1. Save on Staff

You need your staff just as much as they need you, and labor costs are an unavoidable operational expense.  What would you say if I told you that you could actually use a POS as a way to save $$$$ on your employees?

POS systems can prevent employees from clocking-in early or clocking-out late. You set privileges, and manage them with your employees, by using a code system depending on whether they are servers, bartenders, cooks etc. Once your business has been up and running for some time the POS can help manage your daily operations, including your employee scheduling, by making sure you’re not over-staffing.

2. Go Green

Saving trees will save you money.  Besides the obvious of cutting back on paper usage, a good POS system will allow you to email receipts, and guess what? That means you’re collecting your customers’ e-mail addresses, and you will be able to keep in touch with them when they need you the most.






3. Be Buddies

Excellent customer service is imperative for growing your business.  Building your repeat clientele, gaining new customers, and up-selling to these customers helps put money in your pocket.  The worst experience is getting your food when you’re out to eat and it’s wrong.  Choosing a handheld option that links to your system allows your wait staff to place orders directly from your customer’s mouth.  Think that’s it? You’re wrong. Your wait-staff will also be forced to ask the customers if they want an up-sell based on their order.  More money spent by your customers puts more money in your pocket.






4. Inventory Domination

Luckily for you, the brains of a POS know what’s in stock at the both the start and end of the day, week, month, and year, all with the push of some buttons. Whether food costs are high, or ordering is off, you want to keep track of what you have so you can track down the problem and avoid losing money.

Thievery: Not everyone is as honest as you, and sometimes people steal. Watch out if your food losses aren’t matching up with what you have left behind.

More accurate ordering:  Falling short every month?  Then you’re not making as much money as you could. Too many left-overs? Then stop spending so much money!  Keep track either way by using a POS to keep a steady cash flow.








5. Adios Accountant

Who likes accounting season? Not me. Admin and reconciling are my least favorite things to do as a business owner. Especially since Uncle Sam wants to take as much money from you as he can.  A POS system can help streamline this process.  All of your spending and income has been tracked throughout the year on your POS system.  It has also clearly made the difference between sales tax and other non-income fees on your total sales.  Now, instead of you being consumed by paperwork, do me a favor and ask your POS system to print this out for you in a consolidated report.  The magic of pressing a button hard at work again.

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Why you should stay tuned to PointOS Blogspot

Welcome to PointOS Blogspot, my name is Brittany, and I’ll be your hostess.  Like most teenage girls, my first job was in a restaurant, however it was as a short order cook at a small café called Magnolias. It’s where my love for cooking good food, and my stuffed mushroom recipe came from.  Then I graduated to a hostess, and then a waitress, and then a manager and then back to a waitress since money was on my mind.  Now, I’m a business owner, a writer, and a world traveller and I’m here because I’m passionate about what I do.

So, you’re probably wondering why is PointOS starting a blog? Well because we always have you on our mind.  We want to keep you up to date on what’s happening in the restaurant sphere, and share our experiences with you. We will cover interesting topics like; How To’s, What to Do’s, Interviews, Trends, Tips,  Events, Behind the Scenes, Inspirations, Guides, Personal Experiences, New Openings , Marketing, Business & Tech just to name a few. So, you better make sure to check in on us for your weekly dose, we’re watching you.

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