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Does your to-do list keep getting longer? As a business owner we know you have a lot on your plate, so sometimes you forget. In this hi-tech world we live in get rid of your pen and paper. Schedule a task, and let your point-of-sale (POS) automation do the rest. Let your POS automate your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks like scheduling reports and emails, issuing vouchers, sending alerts and notifications, inventory reports and staff schedules.

Remember your POS should be working for you. Below are some benefits of using automation.

Receive Real Time Updates

What is in your restaurant’s stock take on alcohol? No need to physically check. Check on-line. Automated systems can help you see what you have in your inventory that’s specific to your query. As items are purchased your inventory updates. It’s the same for your restaurant, as meals are purchased, ingredient inventory is updated.

Streamline Your Ordering

With PointOS, you can connect to your suppliers to automatically re-order stock. An automated POS system can tie purchase orders directly to an order, ensuring that you are invoicing for all of the outside purchases you make.

Manage Your Labor Force

Automate your software to send a manager an alert when labor percentages are getting high. You can even set your system to automatically clock out employees who have forgotten to clock out at the end of the day.

Staff Scheduling

Automated scheduling does something the human scheduling manager doesn’t always consider—not just the numbers of bodies, but also the kinds of bodies you need on the floor.

With restaurant scheduling software, you create shift profiles (ie Night Bar) and employee profiles.

Employee profiles are kind of like filing cabinets for each staff member. The info you can log about an employee includes:

  • Shifts based on skill level (Can work 4 table, but not 5 table section)
  • Departmental Shifts (Can work server and cocktail shifts but not bartender)
  • Availability (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10-4pm, etc.)
  • Time-Off requests (which they can upload in the employee portal)
  • Number of Preferred Shifts (Open availability but only want to work 3 times/week)

Export Data

Send all your reports by email to anyone daily, weekly, or monthly. Do you want daily sales reports and # of products sold sent to you every day after your shop closes? We can make that happen with PointOS automation.

Send Alerts

Send an alert to a manager when there is too much money in the cash drawer. Notify your IT team when a computer is disconnected. There are endless types of automated alerts and notifications that you can schedule for your restaurant.

Why not let PointOS help grow your business. Schedule a demo now!

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