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Point of Sale (POS) systems are a restaurants best friend, offering so much more than conventional cash registers. While it’s clear that having a POS is beneficial for your business it’s important to understand the key features that a POS system should have and the specific benefits they bring, so you can make an educated decision when choosing your ideal POS.  So, with so many point of sale systems out there so how do you choose?

We’ve listed several features below that our POS can offer a full service restaurant.

Multi-server modes 

Program in an unlimited amount of wait staff over multiple locations.  You can simply mange and move employees as needed. It will handle all level of restaurant operations. Serve your way with customizable options.

New easy modifications and order/split-check functions

Manage orders and check using fast but thoughtful modifier actions such as quickly telling the team “light Mayo” or easily sharing out that nacho plate between 3 guests

BOH controls

Delegate operational control using our battle tested and proven restaurant operation management system. See below for an in depth look and the BOH controls. All included with PointOS

Employee management & scheduling

Create, Post and update in real time anywhere anytime. Sharing is easy so all employees always have access and receive notifications. Lets servers handle coverage with a unique messaging system.

Menu management

Build your menu in minutes online or on location using PointOS. Years of experience have gone simplifying that process. Additional quick edit option – the ability to tweak menu items right in the menu can really speed up your process!

Modifier control

Set up modifications with an easy to use programming that creates a  smooth  work flow that makes sense. Making menu management a simple task and easy for any needed additions.

Inventory & recipe setup

Don’t miss a drop. These days your customers expect the best food. The trouble is those items are costly and weigh down food costs. We can help you count all the ingredients needed for any item. So you can decide what’s the best price to cost that grass feed organic bacon home made pretzel bun burger!

Inventory re-order

Stay up to date on purchasing needs, streamline your inventory with our unique API. Never hassle over inventory. Need special items? You can order on demand with PointOS

Server analytics

Get enterprise level reports and data with analytics, see your best performers, track criteria such as as active upsell. Identify at all times the best people to put on during you most critical shifts.

Dining room layout designer

Customize your floor plan to maximize revenue. Our layout also provides relevant statistics right on the layout. Provide a manger with a snap shot of key info like turn times, table length and last visit

The good news is it doesn’t stop there. Visit our website www.pointos.com to see more features on offer.

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