Benefits of integrating online ordering with your POS

With mobile and smart device use constantly rising, targeting customers using their devices is instrumental to generating new and consistent business. Every restaurant’s main priority is to give its customers the best dining experience possible.  Consumers have integrated technology into their everyday life, and they want the ease of click-and-buy.  So when choosing your  POS  having an online ordering/delivery platform is key.

According to the National Restaurant Association, 61% of consumers say that they would order delivery from a table service restaurant if the service was offered. Clearly, online ordering is rising up in the restaurant scene, which is why you should consider implementing an online ordering system for your restaurant!

Still need convincing? Online ordering helps drive incremental sales to your business by making it easy and convenient for your customers to do business with you. Listed below are some of the top benefits to both you and your customer for enabling online ordering through your POS.


Engagement with customers- Online ordering enables your customers to access your restaurant on-the-go.  The convenience of online ordering engages your customers with your brand, setting up for customer loyalty and ultimately increasing customer traffic and market presence.

Enhance brand visibility- Online ordering platforms allow for branding and customization.  With graphic design, food imagery and customized menu content you are setting up the best representation of what your brand has to offer.

Extending business- Interacting online with customers enables your business to extend beyond your 4 walls. They get to click and buy what they want and at their own speed and enjoy it in their own homes.

Access to customer intelligence- As customers voluntarily input detailed personal data into the online ordering solution, you are supplied with valuable information.  Detailed analytics and reporting tools enable you to optimize marketing and operational decisions tailored to your customers.


Convenience- Consumers are busy people, and waiting aimlessly for their food is the last thing they’d want to do after a long day at work. With a ton of responsibilities , what they want when it comes to food is the ease of convenience.  But how can restaurants create convenience for these consumers? The National Restaurant Association says that 72% of consumers believe that restaurant technology can do the trick. With online ordering, diners can place orders for their food on-the-go or from the comfort of their own homes. Once that’s done, diners can even choose to pick up their orders in person or have it delivered right to their doorstep!

Location- Haven’t you ever gotten home from a long day at work and really wanted that delicious burger on the other side of town?  And as much as the food might be great, the idea of trekking that far is  a turn off.  It would be a waste if your restaurant lost out to your competitors solely because of location. Online ordering will extend your reach to these customers who just can’t fathom getting to you.

Customization- Having features that allow the customer to make small changes to there order is key.  Have you ever phoned in an order and tried to make a change to your order like “hold the mayo” and then gotten so much mayo you wanted to puke?  Well being able to spell it out on your order will make it visible for the chef to see.  If he still messes up then its his fault.

Advance ordering- Are you holding a big function at work or hosting a dinner that you just haven’t had time to cook for? Well luckily for you the times of e-mailing and phoning around to find out who can accommodate you is over. Online order platforms allow you to place your order for specific dates and times so you can plan ahead with ease.

Once you’re ready to get with this century and update to a POS that can support online ordering come and take it for a test run.

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Tricks of the trade-be social media savvy & increase traffic

Most likely as a restaurant owner, you know how much of an impact social media can have on your restaurant’s traffic. Adding social media to your marketing mix can hugely increase awareness about your restaurant, generate motivated engagement with your food, and get you more customers.

Below is some helpful advice to increase your social media presence along with your restaurant traffic.


An influencer will help build your customer base as they are someone that your customers listen to and trust.  They are great for expanding the visibility of your business in the social media world and ultimately bring you more customers.

You can find influencers several ways.

  1. They are following you already-so keep the look out
  2. Do some research by looking up specific relevant hashtags and see who pops up. Contact them directly and create an opportunity for them to market your restaurant. It’s always nice to give them an incentive
  3. Research similar restaurants and see which influencers they are using


Customer engagement is where you’ll create loyalty and a community on your page.  Foster your existing relationships, engage with the people who already love your food and your service and spread their good word.  Ultimately the new word-of-mouth.  Let your best advocates sell your brand organically.

Contests- People love contests and free food and drinks! By rewarding your customers with free food and drinks from your bar or restaurant, you are giving them even more reasons to return. Giving away small items like a free appetizer or dessert, or even a free drink for their participation can have a big pay-off.

Respond to reviews- People love to review online, especially when they have an outstanding or horrible experience. Even more importantly, people love to read reviews when choosing a local restaurant. Pay attention to what people are saying about your restaurant on places like Facebook, Yelp and Zomato. A good rule of thumb is to respond to reviews within 24 to 48 hours. The best response for negative reviews is to apologize and request an opportunity for redemption. Every restaurant has good nights and not-so-good-nights, and you may be able to save a customer by admitting fault and offering to resolve the situation. Enhance your restaurant’s online image with a running dialogue between you and your customers.


One of the simplest ways to increase your restaurant’s online presence is to focus on local consumers, also known as geo-targeting, is an easy and effective way to improve your social media presence. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms give you the leverage to limit your audience by country, state or even city. Each social media platform has its own techniques when you want to target a specific location.

Facebook gives you the ability to geo-target by using paid ads and posts as well as unpaid status updates

Twitter’s “promoted tweet” feature enables you hone in and specifically target locations.  However, there only stipulation being you must pay to promote and target your tweets.

Instagram’s targeting can be done using location-specific hashtags, e.g. #downtownla, #bbqinboston, #timessquarenyc. Research to see which hashtags are trending in your area.

Like anything trial and error is key.  You need to make sure to test different audiences to zero in on the right crowd for your business. Starting out with the unpaid posts on Facebook and Instagram is highly recommended since its low cost and low risk. This will help you to find your optimal audience in your relevant locations.  Then spend the $$$ to boost your posts and drive sales.

Getting your message to the right patrons in the right location is particularly true for your mobile users. You might just reach your customers as they are walking by your door!


Instagram is the most popular photo sharing platform in the social media stratosphere. Hashtags are huge on Instagram, and helps your imagery filter into the right groups. They are widely spread and significant to the usage of social media.  There are three main tactics to employ when using hashtags on Instagram (or any social site).

#Trending– To increase awareness on your Instagram profile and your restaurant, be sure to be mindful of the relevant trending hashtags. For example, if it happens to be #nationalpizzaday , and your restaurant includes pizza, be sure to get on the bandwagon and post something about your delicious pizzas.

#Niche– Get found more easily by your niche market by using specific hashtags. For example, if you’re a bakery in New York, and are located in Soho, use geographic specific tags, like #sohoeats. Instagram is a mobile social site – you use it on your phone. Including a specific location in your tags can get you found by foot traffic looking to eat – and they may be just outside your door.

#YourCampaignWhen running your own marketing campaign make sure to come up with a catchy # specific to your promotion.  This will allow for increased engagement with your followers on your campaigns, and re-posts on their pages as well.

Remenber, all you need to do is dedicate just a few minutes to your social media presence daily to help create a loyal customer base to last your restaurant for its lifetime.

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The ultimate bar tab management

The nightlife industry is super competitive, and success isn’t just defined by high sales and large crowds.  To be considered one of the next hottest venues in your city you need to provide exceptional customer service.  So its imperative you have a bar POS system that fits flawlessly into that experience.

With so many bars and clubs to choose from in most major cities it can be difficult to catch a break. Choosing the best bar management software can help owners and operators increase profits and help recognize both their business and their customers needs. The right POS system for bars can also assist staff to provide top-notch service that satisfies customers and ensures that your business always remains one step ahead.

If you’re on the prowl for a new point of sale system for your bar or nightclub  below are 5 go-to features a bar POS must-have.

Tailor made

You need a simple system that is dummy proof, designed to handle heavy volumes, and makes it easy to mix up every type of drink concoction your guests heart’s desire. The key word here is customization. It shouldn’t be too difficult to order a margarita with vodka instead of tequila, orange juice instead of sour mix, and an orange slice instead of a lime.  Remember the customer gets what the customer wants.

Can we split the check?

The most tantalizing request a customer asks, is when they ask to split the check.  Your super busy and dealing with several people and need to remember whose ordered what.  Or what about the customer who is waiting at the bar for their table and forgets to close out? It’s really annoying and takes time, and time is money.

Get a POS system where moving checks from the bar to a table and splitting the check is never going to be a problem. More often than not the request to split a check happens, and with the right technology this process can be painless for everyone involved.

Tips please!

When minimum wage is $2.63/hr for most bartenders and wait-staff they rely on tips to make it worth there while.  Your employees will love this feature of giving suggested tip percentages, mostly a tip for those out of towners from somewhere in Europe who think they don’t have to tip.

Cha Ching

In addition to helping owners and operators detect theft through detailed sales and inventory reporting, some bar POS system solutions also offer cash drawer management to further protect against employee theft. These systems offer functionality like the ability to track multiple cash drawers separately, the option to tie specific cash drawers to individual employees, and even blind closeout capabilities.

Blind closeout requires employees to reconcile cash at the end of their shift without notifying them of the exact amount that they are expected to return. The blind closeout feature makes close-of-day tasks far less time-consuming for managers while also providing employee accountability and financial security.

Lost liquor 

Liquor costs are typically 18-20% of total liquor sales. The more you can improve your liquor cost percentage, the more money in your pocket.

With real-time restaurant inventory software, you can track your food inventory, suppliers, units, and prices on your computer, phone, or tablet so you know what to reorder and when, without having to spend late hours updating a spreadsheet.

Inventory tracking in a bar has its own benefits – mostly, catching theft and occasions where your bartenders are pouring one out for their friends for free. Inventory discrepancy reports compare your actual inventory to your theoretical inventory so you can identify where your variances are— waste, over pouring, or theft — and start improving processes and training.

There is always so much going on, so things can easily fall through the cracks. An optimized POS system for bars will help simplify operations, get to know your customers, and enable your staff to offer the best possible service to all of your customers.

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Tablet to Table

The use of tablets for POS is in the restaurant industry is becoming increasingly popular.  Operators are using their tablet-based point of sale systems in a variety of applications from order-taking to payment acceptance.  Having a tablet enables you to bring the POS straight to the customer, which not only speeds up service and creates convenience, but also offers higher potential sales, lower costs, and new opportunities for customer engagement.

Tablet POS systems offer many advantages to restaurants of all types. They provide you with the ability to operate more efficiently and provide outstanding customer service, all at a price point that is usually less than traditional POS systems.

There are many advantages for your restaurant to opt for a tablet-based POS, including:

  1. Mobilize your staff: Providing your servers with tablet POS technology streamlines multiple elements of service and can increase service speed by:
    1. Avoiding delays that staff experience when waiting to enter orders at a stationary POS terminal by allowing them to take and enter orders tableside.
    2. Streamlining food preparation by sending orders directly from the tablet to the kitchen.
    3. In QSR establishments, reducing customer wait times with line-busting functionality.
  2. More Options, More Money: Restaurants can generate new revenue streams by adding outdoor seating or offsite selling at markets or events. Staff can be empowered to engage customers at their point of decision, and then to complete the sale right on the floor or at table side.
  3. In the Clouds:  Because tablet POS software lives in the cloud, all the mission-critical data you need to control your business — from sales and inventory information to detailed financials — remains at your fingertips from wherever there is an internet connection. You can compile and customize data over specific time frames and for multiple locations, then manipulate it to reveal important statistics — so it’s easier than ever before to run an efficient enterprise.
  4. Lower Costs, more money in your pocket: A tablet feature can be deployed with a lower initial investment than traditional POS systems, both in terms of hardware costs and software license fees. Therefore reducing your overhead costs and improving your ROI.
  5. Safe & Secure: With identity theft and credit card fraud appearing in the media just about every day, your customers probably cannot help but wonder whether they should hand their credit cards to servers and allow them to take it to an out-of-sight POS terminal to process their payments. With a restaurant tablet POS system,this is not a concern. Servers can process transactions right at the table, in plain view of customers. The end result is a higher level of customer trust in the payment security at your restaurant, and, in turn, an increased potential for repeat business.

Whether you are a new company or a long-established operation, tablet POS solutions offer numerous benefits. They can speed up service, increase sales, and create multiple opportunities for engagement both during the meal and after customers have gone home. They offer lower initial and ongoing costs than traditional POS systems, and can be integral elements in today’s cutting-edge marketing and management capabilities.

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Keep Them Coming…Customer Loyalty Programs

There’s a big difference between a loyal customer, and a happy customer, and that difference is satisfaction.  Loyalty programs spread from airlines to grocery stores to retail venues to food service because they have redeeming qualities, and offer incentives for your customer to return. The right loyalty program not only rewards your customers, but also your bottom line, while also utilizing cutting-edge technology to do so.

The results you want from a loyalty program are: an increase in the frequency of visits from regular customers, an increase in your average transaction price, an incentive for new customers to choose your business, and engagement with your customers that makes them want to tell their network. Engagement with customers is key, and it is why you should stop using punch cards, and start utilizing more sophisticated technology that can gather the essential data that you need to learn more about your customer.

Customer loyalty is the most powerful sales and marketing tool that a restaurant can own, and you can leverage it to produce a loyal customer base that keeps coming back for more.  According to a Deloitte retail survey, companies with a customer loyalty program are 88% more profitable than their competitors.  So, we thought you’d like to be let in on some secrets to creating a profitable loyalty program.


There are so many loyalty programs out there today, that you need to make sure that your’s is one of a kind.  Make sure your customer loyalty program is unique, and aligns with your brand identity and culture.  Get creative, and keep your customers interested with fun ways to earn and spend points.


This strategy requires a bit more time and leg work from you, but it will definitely get your loyal customers to return (while maintaining your costs down).  Your POS system tracks and monitors sales and inventory, but did you know that it can also monitor what customers are buying?   You can take this data about what your customers are buying, and mark that information within their profile in your POS.  Why is this important? Let’s say you have a customer who purchases the exact same wine every time she comes. Now you can offer a reduction on that wine to her. Even if she wasn’t going to have it this time, now she will.  It’s all in the details, and everyone loves feeling special.


Give your customers a reason to sign up by offering a free or discounted meal immediately. If you simply believe  that the “build it and they will come” approach will work, you’re merely mistaken.


Make sure that you meet customer needs and reward big spenders with your loyalty scheme. Create different levels to your membership club with new members starting off on the bottom tier, having to perform certain actions to reach the next tier and move up. Each tier has a different reward, and you should offer accelerated rewards for customers who reach the higher tiers, urging them to return more often and spend more to earn these rewards. In addition, the exclusive status higher tiers offer will make your customers feel valued.


Punch cards are old news. Don’t expect your customers to carry them around. You’re supposed to be making their lives easier, not more complicated. The best way of doing this is to create a cardless loyalty program that links to a mobile device and your POS.


While most people agree that they would alter how and where they spend their money to reach enough points to get rewards, you need to ensure that your establishment offers excellent service and has the right equipment, such as a point of sale solution, that helps increase efficiency to ensure customers want to return.  Point of sale systems are easy to use and will help streamline both front of house and back of house processes, so you can focus on building your customer loyalty.

Hopefully your loyalty program will utilize the available technology to enhance your customers’ experience and keep them coming back for more.

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Get your POS in the Cloud

The digital world we now live in means that things are constantly changing, and what was the newest technology is not anymore.  However, there is one thing that is here to stay, and that is the cloud.  The idea that all your data is secured off-site, with access 24/7 from anywhere, seals the deal for a lot of business owners transitioning from hosting their own servers to keeping everything in the cloud.

Recently, cloud technology has moved into point of sale systems, and many small businesses are opting in for the mobility and simplicity of a cloud based POS system over a traditional Windows based POS system for the following reasons:


Using a cloud based POS system gives you more mobility and flexibility. The whole system can be installed and run using a smart device like an iPhone or iPad. Your wait staff can take orders and credit card payments right at the table, and simply email the receipt or send it to the customer’s mobile phone instantly.  Mobility also allows you to manage your business from anywhere in the world with 24/7 access to all system reports.


In a cloud POS system, your businesses can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their information will always be secure. Information is stored and synced electronically and can be easily restored. Since all your data is stored in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about running out of storage space, theft, accidents, or mishaps ever again. There is no need to worry about backing up data or losing it in the event of a power outage, or even about a hardware malfunction. Another big benefit of cloud-based systems is that they allow for advanced security measures, such as encryption, to protect data from viruses and breaches.

Work from Home

As all data is saved instantaneously in the cloud, managers can track sales as they happen, update prices, and place orders from wherever they may be. All they need is an internet connection. This is a great perk if you are the type of person who cannot stop working even while on holiday, or relaxing at home.

Business as Usual

No internet? While being online is the bread and butter of any cloud based point of sale system, with the very best systems, you can continue to work while the internet is down. Offline capabilities enable you to carry on working, while also allowing the system to sync data when you’re up and running online again.

Stay Updated

Many businesses experience errors and slowdowns because of outdated technology. In the cloud, it is up to your vendor to manage and update the infrastructure, so you can stay on top of new technology and security requirements with minimum effort. You don’t even need to worry about remembering to install the software updates.

Plays Nicely with Others

Because it’s cloud based, you can easily integrate accounting software, gift cards, loyalty programs, rewards and other add-ons seamlessly. No other POS system is as friendly as a cloud based system. Integration has never been easier.

Now that you’ve heard the benefits, will you be joining “the cloud”?

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Get control of your inventory with a POS

Managing a restaurant offers several challenges. One of the most important is how to keep track of the restaurant’s inventory.  However, the management of produce, products and suppliers is not the most popular of tasks. Managing the quick turnover of food, finding the most cost-effective and efficient suppliers, and minimizing waste can be very boring and time-consuming. However tedious it might seem, inventory management is crucial to control food costs and maintain the profitability of any restaurant. There are many downsides to not having a proper inventory management system in place; the most important being that it can negatively affect ROI.  Allow the data captured by a POS do the work for you.

When choosing the right software for your business, make sure that your POS can manage your inventory properly. So don’t cut on the budget here, and be sure to invest in a point of sale (POS) solution that tracks the movement of products throughout the establishment. Using a spreadsheet or manually capturing data is very old school, and also allows for human error, so get with the times and switch to a system that has intuitive capabilities.

Check out these reasons for how a POS can take your inventory management into the 20th century:


  • Measuring inventory in real time as it moves is a critical aspect of lowering food costs.  Remember, the more money your restaurants have tied up in inventory, the harder it is to get a handle on lowering food costs. A lower inventory means lower waste, less spoilage, less theft, lower food costs and most importantly higher profits.


  • Multiple storage locations? No problem. You can link all your systems with consolidated tracking from procurement to consumption. You can view your inventory by storage location, or across all store locations, and move your inventory around as needed.


  • Time is money, so save money by saving time. You can simplify your ordering with system-generated suggested ordering based on average levels, historical consumption patterns, sales forecasts, and on-hand inventory levels.


  • Not at the location or simply forgot to place an order? Well just log on and manage your inventory remotely from where ever you may be with a cloud-based POS system.


  • Tired of all the admin with ordering and invoicing? Integrate with your vendors and let the system generate purchase orders and receive invoices from suppliers.

Remember, the most critical piece of the inventory puzzle is consistency.  So get started with a POS that’s right for your business, and take control of your inventory!

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POS DATA: How to choose you’re A-Team

As many restaurant merchants are already aware, your point-of-sale system is definitely more than just a way to place your customer’s orders. Sure, they take payments, send orders to the kitchen, and manage food inventory. But what if I told you that you could use your useful point of sale to plump up your bottom line by having the right staff on the schedule?

Almost every POS requires that employees use a unique sign in to process a sale. Point-of-sale solutions like PointOS can help merchants manage multiple staff accounts. You can track the number of sales each employee makes, as well as what products they’re successful at selling. But, most restaurants don’t utilize this feature. I worked in restaurants for most of my 20’s and management always gave all the top shifts to the ‘veterans’, without even seeing if they were producing.

Now how can that data help you put the right people on the schedule?

POS can measure your server performance in many ways, so let us tell you how:

  1. Reports can be run analyzing sales by employee and by their shifts. Obviously, someone working on a busy weekend day will sell more than someone on a slow weekday, no matter how good they are.
  2.  Now you have the data telling you sales, but how can we see who performs better in their designated shifts? You can break it down by the following reports:
    1. Compare up sells: You can check in modifiers as who is trying to sell your customers something extra.
    2. Compare gratuities: Out of these sales, what is their average gratuity. Nice tips = happy customers. You always want to have someone who is smiley and putting that extra bit in to make the customer happy.
    3. Table Turnover: See how long your wait staff is letting their                  customers sit at the table. Time is money.
  3. Punch in and punch out time can also be tracked. A dog ate their bus pass. A pipe burst. Comcast was late. Once or twice, you can let that slide, but repeated tardiness is cause for concern. Employees clock in and out directly at the register when they start their shift — which means you can see exactly when they got to work and when they left.

Remember, with PointOS employee management, you can quickly get a sense of how your employees are doing. These reports let you break down sales by employee for each day or month and you can also see their sales per hour worked. This can help you identify any issues — or see who’s knocking it out of the park.

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The health food trend, are you in?

Every generation inspires changes in society, and in recent years, it has been the millennials’ turn, who are currently ages 20-36. This chunk of humans makes up the bulk of the working class. It’s no surprise that businesses want to attract the masses, and these days, that’s the millennials.

What does this influential group want?  Well, 70% of those adults, according to the National Restaurant Association , are trying to eat healthier than they did two years ago. They want good, healthy food with nutritional value.  They strive to eat healthier, more eco-friendly foods like cage-free eggs , and they pushed for the labeling of GMO’s on foods.  The millennials have also inspired the farm-to-table restaurant trend, as well as the fresh pre-packaged meal companies that send customers nutritious, fresh ingredients that they can quickly make into a cooked meal.

Restauranteurs are taking notice of this health movement, and are experimenting with adding healthier options. Customers are hard to please these days, so the offerings for both carnivores and herbivores need to be more diverse.  “We are definitely seeing a health movement, not a fad,” says Bonnie Riggs, restaurant industry analyst at the research firm The NPD Group. “Consumers report healthy as the No. 1 characteristic they want to see more of on restaurant menus, and what they mean by that is they’re looking for food that’s real.”

We came up with some quick fix inspirations for succeeding with those healthy food ideas:

No Alcohol, No Problems

If you’re not familiar with the concept, a Mocktail is basically all the fun flavors of a mixed drink without the alcohol. And, believe it or not, less is more; the demand for these mocktails has been steadily increasing.  Come up with some tasty drinks to keep your customers from going parched.

Bowls, Bowls and More Bowls

First there was the acai bowl. Then, there was the poke bowl. But let’s not forget about the power bowl.  These combinations of whole grains, veggies and protein look as good as they taste, all while giving you a strong mix of vitamins, fiber, and nutrients.  Don’t be fooled with adding additives – that’s how the salad got messed up by making them upwards of 1000 calories per serving.

Butcher me this

Who says only eating veggie means eating healthy?  Meat options can be just as healthy, but make sure you pay attention to where your meat is coming from. Today our consumer wants to know how that animal has been living, and what it has been eating.   Try your take on farm-to-table with the “butcher-to-table” trend, which allows customers to be in awe of the preparation of everything from grilled steak to charcuterie.

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Should your restaurant stay open on Thanksgiving?

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you have some tough decision making to do.  Do you close, and give your staff the time off, or do you stay open?  Thanksgiving is a holiday that centers around food, and if Thanksgiving dinner fits into your brand then it’s a perfect opportunity to capitalize on.  I mean, food is your specialty, isn’t it? So, take advantage and be one of the few places in your area that stays open and caters to those that either don’t have the time to cook or just don’t want to. Trust me, there are so many people that could think of better ways to spend their day then cooking.  If you play your cards right, your restaurant could become that special place for these people to spend their Thanksgivings year after year.

Brent Hofacker/

There are some important things you will need to check on before making your decision.

  • Don’t forget to ask your staff beforehand, and offer them an incentive to work.  You don’t want people to be miserable because they are working on a holiday, that will translate into their service.  Make the day easy and special.
  • Make sure that if you’re not planning on being there yourself, you have someone there you can trust.
  • Check on what your competitors are doing.
  • Pre-market to your regulars and see if any interest generates.

We’ve got some tips on having a successful Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Offer a pre-fixed or limited menu
  • All-you-can-eat family style
  • Encourage customers to make reservations
  • Charge a set price
  • Make sure to include all of the yummy traditional sides
  • Offer take-away or to-go options
  • Don’t forget to advertise your holiday days and hours in advance, most people won’t assume you’ll be open, but won’t they be happy!

The decision to open or close this Thanksgiving is up to you . While both sides have their own benefits, the choice should depend on your personal opinion and your clientele. Whether you’ll be sharing your festive recipes with customers or carving turkey for your family, we wish you a happy holiday from all of us here at PointOS.

All this talk about food has me hungry!

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